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Since the beginning of time, the majority of the world’s population has relied upon plants for health and healing. Different parts of the world have trusted their own herbal plants as natural remedies for various ailments and illness. As time passed, these time-tested herbal traditions needed to evolve, grow, and flourish. Planetary Herbals recognized this condition and took a commitment to create supplement products that can provide everyone a healthier quality of life.

Planetary Herbals is a supplement company that has been developed by proficient herbalists based on a wide range of traditional medicine. Their product formulas are focused mainly on the ancient Hindu system of healing (Ayurveda), the traditional Chinese herbalism thousands of years ago and hundreds of years of experience of Western herbal practitioners. Planetary Herbals is developed and specially formulated by professional herbalists such as Michael Tierra, Lesley Tierra, Jill Stansbury, and Alan Tillotson who all had more than 30 years of clinical experience in treatment with herbs.

Planetary Herbals offers the best of classical herbal traditions, joining together long-established herbal formulas from different continents, with the latest finding of clinical pharmacological research.

The philosophy of Planetary Herbals embraces much more than herbal magic bullets. Each product is designed to promote health and not just make people feel better. Like their Full Spectrum singles that are designed to provide the best in single ingredient products. Each formula of their products is skillfully blended according to traditional and modern principles.  Integral to this philosophy is attention to detail regarding quality of raw materials, individual responsibility for self-healing, environmental awareness, and education.

The Planetary Herbals mission is to integrate traditional herbal wisdom, modern pharmacological science, and human clinical experience into each botanical product, in order to provide consumers and health professionals with reliable, expertly crafted, high quality herbal supplements.

At the back of every good herbal line is a strong quality assurance team. Planetary Herbals follows Good Manufacturing Practices that exceedthose mandated by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). Occupied with the best teams in the industry, Planetary Herbals ensures consumers that the herbs used in their formulas are vital and potent. Also, every herb is checked by a team of quality control specialists to prevent any use of adulterants.This team is headed by a director who holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and includes staff trained in Chinese and Western herbalism, microbiological assays, heavy metal screenings, and analytical chemistry.

The ingredients for Planetary Herbals products come from a variety of sources that are located all over the world and are carefully checked to meet their strict requirements. Ingredients are sampled and inspected for both purity and potency. Planetary Herbals are unable to provide the specific location and sources of their raw materials for reasons that competitors may attempt to reproduce their formulations.

Planetary Herbals offer products in health categories that include: Blood Sugar Support, Cardiovascular Health, Children’s Health, Detoxification and Cleansing, Digestion, Energy and Endurance, Memory and Learning, Minor Pain relief, Muscles and Joints, Sinus and Lungs, Sleep and Relaxation, Stress and Moods, Superfoods and Natural Nutrients, Weight and Metabolism, and Immunity Support. They also provide products designed for the different needs of men, and women.